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Kreation Woredrobe

Kreation - Metal Dresser

  • Kreation has become all Steel now
  • With the introduction of Metal Dresser & Metal Side Panels; Kreation now becomes a complete Steel Modular Wardrobe
  • In Metal Dresser, the Drawer fronts can be matched to the color of Kreation doors
  • Kreation Metal Dresser will now have 2 SKUs for Booking
  • One SKU will be Metal Body + Mirror (this body will be common body for all & will be packed along with Mirror)
  • 2nd SKU : Drawer Fronts (matching to Kreation Door color) along with the upper panel (Refer next two slides for snaps)

Metal Dresser Combinations

  • Metal Body + Mirror : Standard shade existing color & same mirror
  • Drawer Fronts to be available in :
    • Shell Wine Red (Steel Drawer Fronts)
    • Cream (Steel Drawer Fronts)
    • Red Floral (Steel Drawer Fronts)
    • Golden Bamboo (Steel Drawer Fronts)
    • Dark Wood (Steel Drawer Fronts)
    • Douglas Pine (Wooden Drawer Fronts For Avant Garde)
    • Chocolate (Wooden Drawer Fronts For Avant Garde)
    • Maple (Wooden Drawer Fronts For Avant Garde)


Metal Body with Metal Drawer Fronts

Color options


Steel Side Panels (7 ft & 9 ft)


Strength of Steel, longer life, no maintenance

Drawer fronts matching door colors, help in theme based selling

Cheaper than the existing Wooden Dresser

Matching Steel side panels enhance the Aesthetics

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