Kreation - Metal Dresser

• Kreation has become all Steel now
• With the introduction of Metal Dresser & Metal Side Panels; Kreation now becomes a complete Steel Modular Wardrobe
• In Metal Dresser, the Drawer fronts can be matched to the color of Kreation doors
• Kreation Metal Dresser will now have 2 SKUs for Booking
• One SKU will be Metal Body + Mirror (this body will be common body for all & will be packed along with Mirror)
• 2nd SKU : Drawer Fronts (matching to Kreation Door color) along with the upper panel (Refer next two slides for snaps)

Metal Dresser Combinations

• Metal Body + Mirror : Standard shade existing color & same mirror
• Drawer Fronts to be available in : -
– Shell Wine Red (Steel Drawer Fronts)
– Cream (Steel Drawer Fronts)
– Red Floral (Steel Drawer Fronts)
– Golden Bamboo (Steel Drawer Fronts)
– Dark Wood (Steel Drawer Fronts)
– Douglas Pine (Wooden Drawer Fronts For Avant Garde)
– Chocolate (Wooden Drawer Fronts For Avant Garde)
– Maple (Wooden Drawer Fronts For Avant Garde)

Features & Benefits

Metal Body with Metal Drawer Fronts
Strength of Steel, longer life, no maintenance
Color options
Drawer fronts matching door colors, help in theme based selling
Cheaper than the existing Wooden Dresser
Steel Side Panels (7 ft & 9 ft)
Matching Steel side panels enhance the Aesthetics
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